Fields & Prices -
  Open Play - 11am to 5pm Saturdays and Sundays (open to all). All other days and times require a reservation. (Open Play hours not available December 01 to March 31)
  - $10
  (only when you bring all your own equipment)
  - $20
  includes: Field Fee, Tippmann 98 Custom (or equivalent) with Unlimited Air, Paintball Goggles
(Full ASTM and CE certification) and Chest Protector.
  - Group rates ONLY apply to groups of 15 or more and must schedule ahead of time.
  Groups of 15 to 29 = 10% off
Groups of 30 to 49 = 20% off
Groups of 50 or more = 30 % off
Birthday parties are 10% off for parties age 16 and under.
  - 500 Count bag - $15 / 2,000 Count bag - $55
  Only environmentally safe 'field paintballs' are used at our fields.
You can only use paintballs that were previously bought at our field.
  - $5
  Perfect for birthday parties, bachelor parties, company events, or just challenging your family and friends,
our Woodsball and Hyperball paintball fields provide year round fun and exciting paintball action.
The Woodsball field has various bunkers and buildings located throughout our woods, while our Hyperball
field has corrugated tube bunkers for fast-paced play. For groups of 15 or more players try our attack and
defend fortress field where a small group of players defends the fortress from a larger attacking force.
(15 player minimum)
  Visit us in Freeville, New York and enjoy our 4 paintball fields!