Birthday Parties -

Treat your child or loved one to a surprise Paintball Game on their birthday! Invite all their friends and family to join in the fun.
Please note that the minimum age requirement to participate as a player is 10 years old.

And just so you know - Paintball isn't just for Birthdays - it's a great activity for other parties as well, including Bachelor or Bachelorette Parties, Graduations, Promotions, Anniversaries, Family Reunions and any other reason you could think of as an excuse to get together with your family and friends to have a great time!

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  Corporate Team Builder games -
  Successful businesses know that Team Building is essential to achieving the goal of developing their business by ensuring that their employees and colleagues understand the strengths of the people they work with on a daily basis.
HR classroom sessions and tests or department 'pep talks' are fine, but they don't provide the 'hands-on, personally involved' experience of learning the principles of Teamwork that a group activity does.

Paintball is the ideal Team Builder 'group activity'!
Our Team Builder Paintball matches will pit one group of employees against another - providing the competitive spirit framework needed for Team Building. For example - you can split a single department into groups, or pit the accounting dept against the shipping dept. Paintball helps build communication, planning, delegation and cooperation all of which are key within the work place.

Paintball is also a great way to reward your staff for their dedication to the company or for a job well done. Even if your intention of having a paintball party is just to say 'Thanks' the players will still be learning Team Building even though they may not realize it!
As a manager you get to see who the real team players are and which ones hold their nerve under pressure. (You may be surprised at what you see).

Groups of all backgrounds and core values can benefit from this memorable activity.

Ithaca Paintball will assist your group in tactical scenarios, leadership, teamwork, and competitive skills, helping to ensure your paintball adventure will be a resounding success, and an experience your employees will talk about and want to do more often.
You could even make it an annual 'company picnic' event!
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